Special Effect Equipment Rentals - SNOW

A wide variety of snow making special effects rental equipment.

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Little Blizzard Snow Machine

Falling Snow Foam Machine

120 volt AC

10 amps

Uses Little Blizzard Extra Dry Snow Fluid

Adjustable Snow Flake Size and Output

Shipping Box Dimensions (25”long x 15”wide x 16”high x 62lbs.)

Call to Rent: 718-505-9465

Snow Foam Generator

Ground Foam Machine

Uses “Sno Foam” Liquid Concentrate @ 99:1 ratio

Requires ¼” Compressed Air Source

Tank Dimensions (12”diameter x 36”high x 16gal.)

Call to Rent: 718-505-9465

SnowMax Snow Machine

Ground Snow Foam Machine

120 volt AC

5.8 amps

Uses Snow Max Fluid

Shipping Box Dimensions (29”long x 16”wide x 17”high x 71lbs.)

Call to Rent: 718-505-9465